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  • What are we responsible for?
    Secure and Serenity LLC will be responsible for running and maintaining the route. We are not responsible for ordering your product unless we agreed upon to do so. Product should be order for the customer properly and accordingly base on how the product will be packed out. Our job isn't to figure out where the product goes unless the client has explained in detail where the product goes. We will pull up the packout sheet and packout to the customer that the product goes too.
  • What is the CANCELLATION Policy?
    Cancellation Refund prior to service. If service plan is paid before service. - 15 days or more (Full Refund) - 14 days or lesser (Payment Service Refund/Deposit not refundable)
  • What are the client responsibilities for delivery transportation?
    It is the client responsibility to provide Secure and Serenity with a reliable, safe, and DOT compliant vehicle. If SAS must pay for any fines received while operating your vehicle, you (Client) will reimburse the Company (SAS), along with an additional 15% (inconvenience fee). Please make sure to have a current and up-to-date insurance and registration copy for the vehicle, along with a Company contact in case of vehicle issues. If you need SAS to provide any service in their own vehicle, there will be an extra $0.50 cents charge per mileage (starting from the current location to the end).
  • What are the payment options?
    - Cash - Cashiers Check/ Money Order - Cash app - Venmo - Booking Online - Most Major Credit Cards
  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover North Florida (Pensacola to Jacksonville, Gainesville far South) We cover South Georgia (Atlanta far North to Savannah far East) We cover South Alabama (Birmingham far North to Livingston far West)
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